POLICYMAKER Education tools

Research tells us that childhood adversity is a public health crisis hiding in plain sight. We need to be able to talk about it with diverse audience. One of 4CA's priority tactics for this year is to create a communications toolkit to provide guidance for practitioners to effectively frame this issue for colleagues and policymakers.

Our communication toolkit work group created materials that provide language to frame childhood adversity, specific goals and objectives of 4CA, strategies to achieve the objectives and guiding principles to inform our work. Additionally, specific materials were developed to facilitate conversation(s) with policymakers to educate and increase their awareness of childhood trauma, strategies to assist policymakers in integrating trauma-informed principles into their legislation and an overview of the three bills 4CA is endorsing. 

The communication materials were used to facilitate conversations with policymakers and/or staffers during our Policymaker Education Day in Sacramento in July, 2017. We encourage to use these materials as you prepare for initial and follow up conversations with your elected officials and their staffers. 

To join this work group, contact Afomeia Tesfai at counteradversity@gmail.com.