Priority legislation

Tracking legislation and advocacy opportunities has been a priority tactic for 4CA the past two years. We research and vet bills that align with the Action Plan or otherwise protect the children's safety net in California to consider a priority legislation. This page contains updates on active legislation we are monitoring and other advocacy opportunities. 


This year, 4CA is tracking the following three legislation bills as it relates to home visiting support program to improve the health and wellbeing of families; prevent the prosecution of children under 12years of age in the juvenile court and limit suspension and expulsions of students. 

  • Jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court (SB 439, Mitchell & Lara), currently in California the juvenile court has jurisdiction of people 18years of age and below. This bill would establish a minimum age for juvenile justice jurisdiction to be 12years of age.
    • Sponsors of this bill: Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, Children’s Defense Fund-CA and National Center on Youth Law, & Youth Justice Coalition. 
  • Pupil Health: Pupil and School Staff Trauma: Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative (AB 2691, Jones-Sawyer), this bill seeks to establish a Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative to address the impact of adverse childhood experiences on the educational outcomes of students by providing information on how to become trauma-informed schools 
    • Sponsors of this bill: Children Now
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  • Foster Youth: Family Urgent Response System (AB 2043, Arambula), this bill seeks to establish a statewide toll-free hotline and mobile response system to provide immediate support for foster families and youth during times of crisis, and connect youth and families to services in their communities.
    • Sponsors of this bill: California Behavioral Health Directors Association, California Welfare Directors Association Children Now
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  • Trauma-Informed Awareness Day (ACR 235, Arambula) resolution to designate May 22, 2018, as Trauma-Informed Awareness Day in California, in conjunction with National Trauma-Informed Awareness Day, to highlight the impact of trauma and the importance of prevention and community resilience through trauma-informed care.
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  • CA Continuing Medical Education (AB 1340, Maienschein), for the Medical Board to consider including a course for primary care providers on integrated mental and physical health care, to identify and treat mental health issues in children and young adults.
    • Status: Passed and signed into law
  • CA Mental Health Services for Low-Income Children (AB 340, Arambula), establish an advisory working group to update, amend, or develop, tools and protocols for screening children for trauma as part of routine health screening through Medicaid. 
    • Status: Passed and signed into law.
  • California Values Act (SB 54, De León), prohibit state or local resources from being used to support mass deportations and ensure public institutions are safe spaces for children, families and communities. 
    • Status: Passed and signed into law.

Note: Posting legislative updates and advocacy opportunities does not signify endorsement by 4CA, its members or affiliated organizations.